branded custom bezels for DELL OEM servers

Quality branded custom bezels for DELL OEM servers

Total Logic Security Ltd (TLS) is the market leader in design and implementation services for corporate branded custom bezels, specifically for DELL OEM servers.

Our company was originally founded back in 1998, where we started out providing security products, such as marking plates, for PCs and laptops. While we’ve gone on to expand the business to include DELL OEM corporate designs, we continue to provide this service for high profile customers such as the NHS, CERN and Greater Manchester Police.

Branded Custom Bezels for DELL OEM Servers

Partnering with DELL

During the course of 2010/2011, we were approached by DELL who asked if we could use our facilities and knowledge to provide custom designs for DELL server bezels, and we’ve been working in close partnership with them ever since.

We provide custom designed OEM bezels to:

  • Businesses that wish to promote their corporate image via their DELL OEM servers
  • Resellers using the DELL OEM platform who wish to brand their own or customer images onto the servers

In addition to our custom bezels, we also design and apply bespoke branding solutions to:

  • DELL OEM Monitors
  • DELL PowerVault storage devices
  • DELL Optiplex range of PCs
  • Specialist label and badge requirements

The very best branded custom bezels for DELL OEM servers

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop our proprietary design and delivery methods, to ensure an efficient quality service and the very best results for our valued clients.

Our ‘will do’ attitude reflects the same customer service standards as those offered by DELL, and we’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve built for the quality of our products and services.

We are the only company offering a dedicated custom bezel design and fulfilment service for branded custom bezels for DELL OEM servers.

We deliver a complete solution from design through to production of the finished bezel, with a typical turnaround of 10 working days from concept to implementation.

Our team and our values

We have a specialist team covering every element of our activities, from bezel branding design, manufacturing, stock and quality control, dispatch and admin support. Each member of the team is completely committed to our values, which are:

  • To only deliver the highest quality in branded server bezels
  • To deliver products according to agreed timescales
  • To meet any challenges presented by server design ‘tweaks’ where possible
  • To fix any problem without quibble.

With hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, we’re the first choice for uniquely printed custom OEM bezels.


Please contact us now and give your corporate branding a boost with our fast, efficient and creative design services, allied to our full implementation of OEM bezels and badges for DELL OEM servers and equipment.